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          Telephone: 86-0513-81790986

          Mobile Phone: 8618962706168

          Address: No. 15, 10 Group, Kanzhuang

          Village, Chengbei Street

          Fiberglass Fabric

          THE PLACE: Home > Fiberglass Fabric
          High Silica Cloth

          Product Introduction


          High Silica Fabrics can be used for a long period of time without changing their properties at the temperature 1000℃. As it contains more than 96% silica


          No asbestos or ceramic, no harm to human body
          Low thermal or conductivity, excellent thermal insulation, high resistance to thermal shock
          Superb electric insulation
          Inert to majority of chemical reagents
          Good flexibility

          Aerospace, Nuclear,
          Ship building, Machinery industry,
          Metallurgy,  auto industry



          Item NoWeave  Weight (g/m2)

           Width (cm)

          Thickness (mm)Warp *Weft yarns/cm SiO2 %
          HS-300Twill 3*1300±3092±10.35±0.0518.5±2 *12.5±2≥96
          HS-500Satin 8HS500±3092±10.6±0.0518±2*13±2≥96
          HS-600Satin 8HS600±30


          HS-880Satin 12HS880±4092±11.0±0.0518±2*13±2≥96
          HS-1100Satin 12HS1150±5092±1,100±11.3±0.118±1*13±1≥96
          HS-600-SSatin 8HS650±3084-860.7±0.0518±2*13±2≥96
          HS-1100-SSatin 12HS1250±5084-861.3±0.118±1*13±1≥96