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          Telephone: 86-0513-81790986

          Mobile Phone: 8618962706168

          Address: No. 15, 10 Group, Kanzhuang

          Village, Chengbei Street


          THE PLACE: Home > Treatment
          PTFE coated fiberglass fabric

          Product Introduction


          PTFE coated glass fiber fabric is a new multiple application composite cloth that coat fiber glass with fluorine containing elastomer. Due to it’s unique acid resistance, anti-corrosion, excellent anti-aging, and flexibility, it’s much better than the general silicone rubber coated fabric.


          1.    Service temperature: from -196℃ to 250℃;
          2.    With minimal surface tension, difficult to be sticking, have a good self-cleaning properties;
          3.    Good corrosion resistance to strong acid, alkali, aqua regia and organic solvents;
          4.    Low friction coefficient, it’s the best choice of oil-free self lubricating;
          5.    Excellent weatherability during the outdoor using, life is up to 20 years;
          6.    With high insulation;
          7.    The single side PTFE coated glass fiber fabric is soft, that is good to make different sizes.

          Main application:
          1.    Widely used in the construction, aerospace, electronic, textile, food, medical, clothing fields, etc.
          2.    Can be used in the building membrane, lining, gasket, anti-sticking belt, high frequency CCL, insulation material, micro drying conveyor, flexible compensator, low friction material,etc.
          3.    Can be the corrosion, freeze, fire proof cover of joint, flange, tube and instrument. 
          1.    Single side coating
          2.    Dual sides coating,

          Mass per unit area:
          150g/m2 — 800g/m2
          Black, white, gray, orange,etc.
          Storage, Transportation condition:
          At 0-40 ℃, the storage temperature <75%, at least 1 meters distance from the heat, avoid to explosion to the harmful substance such as acid, alkali,etc. Prevent squeeze and sharp objects.