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          Telephone: 86-0513-81790986

          Mobile Phone: 8618962706168

          Address: No. 15, 10 Group, Kanzhuang

          Village, Chengbei Street


          THE PLACE: Home > Treatment
          EPDM coated fiberglass fabric

          Product Introduction


          EPDM coated fiberglass fabric, is a new multiple application composite cloth that coat fiber glass with fluorine containing elastomer. The 160℃ service temperature makes it not only resistant to lubricating oil, fuel oil and compressor oil under high temperature, but also anti-chemical corrosion, and have excellent weatherability. Therefore, it was widely used in the aviation, aero engine, chemical plant equipment and electrical power plant,.etc.


          It’s much better than the general silicone rubber coated fabric due to the unique acid resistance, anti-corrosion, excellent anti-aging, and flexibility,, and a good substitute for the fluorine rubber while under 160℃

          Width:1000mm – 1500mm
          Thickness:0.2mm - 1.5mm
          Mass per unit area: 600 g/m2—800 g/m2
          Color: Black. Can produce per customer requirement.   

          Storage, Transportation condition:
          At 0-40 ℃, the storage temperature <75%, at least 1 meter distance from the heat, avoid expose to the harmful substance such as acid, alkali,etc. Prevent squeeze and sharp objects.