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          Telephone: 86-0513-81790986

          Mobile Phone: 8618962706168

          Address: No. 15, 10 Group, Kanzhuang

          Village, Chengbei Street

          Finished Product

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          Fire Blanket


          Product Introduction


          Fire Blanket is made of 100% fire resistant fiberglass, which is specially treated to be compact, soft and smooth. It has the advantages of fire retardant, high-temperature resistant, incombustibility, anticorrosion, insect resistance, reusable, that can effectively eliminate fire hazards, increase chances to escape from fire, 
          and reduce property damage and casualties.
          Fire blanket is a simple and convenient fire-control instrument outfitted for enterprises, stores, vessels, autos and civil buildings. It is especially useful in household kitchens, hotels, recreational facilities and gas 
          stations to block the fire spreading and provide shield for the safe evacuation.


          Standard  EN1869:1997

          Certificate No.: B-S10040328

          Size  90cm x 90cm,100cm x 100cm,120cm x 120cm,120cm x 180cm,180cm x 180cm,180cm x 200cm

          Thickness  0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm

           Package Red PVC bag , PVC box, Colored Box